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Hanazono-Inari-Jinjya Shrine

Hanazono-Inari-Jinjya is the shrine where is in the Ueno Koen Park.

It's unknown when this shrine were built. But The god of shrine, Ukano-mitama-no-mikoto[倉稲魂命] had become god of this Mountain (Ueno Koen Park) in 1654.
The shrine has many the gates which called Torii. Torii is the symbol of the shrine. The role of the gates give sign us that boundary to sacred area.

[Hanazono-Inari-Jinjya Shrine / in japanes: Hanazono-Inari-Jinjya]



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4-17 Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • *Please note that this information is not the latest information. We recommend that you go after checking the official information.
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Hanazono-Inari-Jinjya Shrine [TokyoGo!] #tokyogo