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the Asakusa shrine

In the legend, two brothers Pulled up a statue out of the Sumida-gawa River in 628.
They ask Hajimeno Atai Nakamoto who is intelligent, He answer them that the statue is Kannon which is the goddess of mercy.
Then, they did priest and rebuild their house to a temple. That is the Sensoji Temple.
And then, descendants of brothers made shrine for them and to praise their achievements. that is the Asakusa shrine.

Once almost Japanese people was mixture Buddhism and Shinto. It says Shinbutu-syugo (神仏習合). So there is the shrine in the temple.

[Asakusa shrine / in japan: Asakusa Jinjya]


浅草神社あさくさ じんじゃ

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2-3-1 asakusa, taito-ku, tokyo

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