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Japanese cheap candies shop Kimuraya.

Japanese cheap candies calls 'Dagashi'.
'Dagashi' is for children, so you can buy from 10 yen. And some packages have anime and athletes drawn to please children. Some 'Dagashi' are drawing lottery, and it is thought that the child is getting excited.

There were many Dagashi shops until 80's. But now, we almost not seen them.
But Kimuraya is still operating in an old sales style.

[Japanese cheap candies shop Kimuraya / in Japanese: Dagashiya Kimuraya]


駄菓子屋木村屋だがしや きむらや

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3-40-19 Sendagi, bunkyo-ku, tokyo

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Japanese cheap candies shop Kimuraya. [TokyoGo!] #tokyogo